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26610 25120

Our Offices

Central Corfu

Corfu, National Road of Lefkimi, Nr. 36 (airport) Tel. 26610 25120

North Corfu

Choroepiskopi Tel. 26630 71134

North Corfu

Acharavi Tel. 2663063900

Products & Services

The company VIOBETON EVAGGELOU offers concrete production services and aggregates, operating across the island of Corfu. Aiming at continually enhancing the services and products and showing respect to humans and the environment, VIOBETON EVAGGELOU provides you with the best concrete solutions.

Concrete Production

The company VIOBETON EVAGGELOU, the leading supplier in concrete on Corfu, offers ready-mixed concrete for every type of construction project. The ingredients of our concrete are of the highest quality while their accurate measurement contribute to the absolute durability of the concrete, even for the most complex construction projects.


Aggregates are materials such as sand and gravel that contribute to the durability and resistance of concrete.  The company VIOBETON EVAGGELOU uses aggregates of great quality so that you are offered the most efficient products regarding your project.

Delivery on site

You can trust VIOBETON EVAGGELOU for the quickest delivery of your products on the construction site anywhere on Corfu. Our main ready-mix and aggregate plant is headquartered in the National Road of Lefkimi, Nr. 36 (close to the airport), while other ready-mix plants are located in the following areas of Corfu: Choroepiskopi and Acharavi of North Corfu and Mesonghi of South Corfu, for ensuring you get products anywhere on Corfu.

Equipment and Staff

The successful transportation of concrete is being completed with a concrete truck mixer or any other hi-tech equipment while there is always a tradesman of our company. Moreover, we always try to repair and upgrade our equipment and machines so that you get the quality you deserve.